Hi, my name is Jennifer!  I live in Colorado, where I teach Group Fitness classes.  I have lived most of my life in Indiana, with a brief stint in Florida (and was born in California).  My husband and I have decided we want to live on a tropical island in 5-7 years.  We are going to take island vacations over the next few years to find just the right one for our next chapter, our next adventure!!  I will continue as a fitness and wellness professional, as well as finding online businesses and blogging.  My husband is going to use his creative abilities to continue taking unbelievable photographs, which he will offer for sale, along with his talents of writing, drawing, sculpting and more.  We want to open our little drink shack ~ Mojica’s Banana Cabana ~ that will serve cold beer in cans, made-to-order margaritas and homemade sangria!  We have a little mini version that Chris created for us years & years ago…it’s a birdhouse…which will hang in its place of honor!  We have put our desires into the Universe and will work to fashion the life we want to live!  May this be a place to inspire you to do the same!



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